A Loose End is your way of letting your friends know you’d like to get together with them. You can create a Loose End even if you don’t know exactly what you’d like to do, or where to do it. Just set a time to meet, and use the app to ask your friends for suggestions.

This little GIF should show you all need to know. However, if you prefer words to pictures:

  • From the home page tap on Create (the big + icon)
  • Choose When (Time and Date) by using the quick buttons or the choosers
  • Choose Where you want to get together (or leave blank)
  • Then What you want to do (this can also be blank)
  • Err, that’s it. Everyone you know on Loose Ends can see what you want to do
Create a Loose End
Loose Ends has one goal: to help you get together with your friends as quickly and simply as possible. That’s our strength. WhatsApp is great for chatting, but using it to organise a night out can be messy. Facebook is good for events, but what if you want to just go for a quick drink tonight? Foursquare will let people know where you are once you’re there, but a little notice would be nice (what if your friends are already back home in their slippers?). Loose Ends solves these problems.
They’ll be notified via a pop-up notification delivered through the app, or they can search from the home screen for current Loose Ends. And of course you can search for their Loose Ends, too.
You don’t. All of your friends using the app can see you Loose End as soon as they open up their app. They’ll see these on their search page, which is also their home page. However, if you want to promote your Loose End you can by opting to share your Loose End when you set it up.
All your preferences are accessible through the menu icon. From here you can you name (as others see it anyway) and your favourite locations.
Loose Ends uses your Facebook friend list as your default list. Anyone you know on Facebook who uses Loose Ends will automatically be a Loose Ends friend. However, you can unfriend people but going through the menu to your friend list, tapping on their picture and selecting ‘Unfriend’. If that seems a bit harsh you can just select ‘Ignore Loose Ends’ and you won’t see what they are up to.
All of your Loose Ends friends can see your Loose Ends. To stop them seeing your Loose Ends you need to remove them as a friend through Loose Ends. You can unfriend people by going through the menu to your friend list, tapping on their picture and selecting ‘Unfriend’.
We only ask for information that will improve your user experience. We want to know who your Facebook friends are so we can match you up through the app. We need your location so people can find you to meet up with you. And every once in a while we'll need to send you an email. And that is it.
Loose Ends only shows your Loose Ends to your friends, so we need to know who your friends are. Your Facebook friends list is the product of years of making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and maybe a few fallings out. We don’t think you need to go through that process again! So we use your current Facebook Friends List as the starting point. You can always unfriend people through Loose Ends if you don’t want to socialise with them!
Anything! We got a bunch of activities in the system – eating, drinking, sports, cultural exploits – for you to choose from. But if we are missing something then just select something close and specify more precisely what you’d like to do in the description. If there is something we are missing then drop us a line through the feedback page (accessed through the menu).