Loose Ends

Turn your spare time into a great time

Loose Ends makes meeting up with your mates easier. Just post what you want to do, where and when you want to do it - it’ll help find friends of yours who want to do the same.

Get The Ball Rolling

Get The Ball Rolling

Loose Ends is all about friends. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s easy to invite others. Anyone with a phone or Facebook account can connect on Loose Ends.

Once you’ve connected with your mates, there are two ways to get started - look through your Feed to see what your friends are up to, or Create your own Loose End.

Connect with Loose Ends
Search for a Loose End

Get out there

You’ll see all the Loose Ends your friends have created on your Feed.

Tap any Loose End to find out more.

Want to join in? Tap 'Join' - from here you can see who else is coming, chat with them, and even suggest new venues and activities.

You’ll also see special discounts at venues in your Feed. Perhaps one of them will be worth creating a Loose End for!

Get out there
Get the party started

Get the party started

Feeling proactive? Simply open the app, tap Create and pick what you want to do, where,when and who with. Voila, you’ve set up a Loose End!

Once you’ve made your Loose End, you can share it with your mates or let them find it on their own Feeds.

Create a Loose End
Be inspired for a Loose End

Get inspiration

Stuck for what to do? Use the Inspire tab to find restaurants, bars, cinemas, clubs and more. You’ll be able to see reviews and show times too!

Get inspiration

What is a Loose End?

A Loose End is your way of letting your friends know you’d like to get together with them. You can create a Loose End even if you don’t know exactly what you’d like to do, or where to do it. Just set a time to meet, and use the app to ask your friends for suggestions.

How is Loose Ends different from other social platforms?

Loose Ends has one goal: to help you get together with your friends as quickly and simply as possible. That’s our strength. WhatsApp is great for chatting, but using it to organise a night out can be messy. Facebook is good for events, but what if you want to just go for a quick drink tonight? Foursquare will let people know where you are once you’re there, but a little notice would be nice (what if your friends are already back home in their slippers?). Loose Ends solves these problems.

How will my friends find out about my Loose End?

They’ll be notified via a pop-up notification delivered through the app, or they can search from the home screen for current Loose Ends. And of course you can search for their Loose Ends, too.

Loose Ends is available to download from both the iOS App Store and Google Play













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